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Los mangos de las puertas de la placa: estos pares de asas están hechas de placa.

Las manijas de las puertas de la placa se venden a la pareja: el precio incluye dos asas.

La colección de líneas de época son capaces de recuperar el encanto de antaño.

In the handles for doors on plate, the distance (in mm) between the centre of the hole, where you install the handle, and the key hole can change. These differences normally change from State to State. When you order the handles on plate, you are advised to measure the distance between the two holes and to communicate us your measure (in mm). In this way, we can avoid any kind of mistake. If we do not receive any communication, the handles on plate will be realized with the standard distance between the holes. (that is to say the measure which is normally realized by the Italian producers of handles).



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